Pambry Audio Auxiliary Tester

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The Pambry PED0900 Audio Ancillary checker provides a simple way to check a headset, handset, headphone or just a microphone including any PTT switch. It can also emulate a radio transceiver to provide switched sidetone back to the user.

Key Features

• Separate test for left and right earphone
• Microphone audio test,using built-in speaker
• Earphone test using built-in microphone or 1kHz test tone
• PTT line test
• Microphone line test
• Earphone line test
• Radio side tone emulation – constant/PTT
• Talk through function
• Speaker activation – Constant/PTT
• Full/half duplex communication between box and headset
• Auxiliary power for active headsets 5V/200mA
• Remembers last settings after switch off
• Battery and mains operated
• Auto power off function – 1 hour
• Battery life time 50 hours