Pambry Electronics launch two new Listen Ear™ products for personal noise monitoring

Personal Noise Alert Meters

As a leader in personal environment monitoring, Pambry Electronics are proud to announce their new enhanced portable Personal Noise ‘Alert’ Units.

Launched at The Health & Safety Event, 5-7 April 2022 at the NEC Birmingham these two new ‘entry’ level Listen Ear™ products are simple to use and perform a single function of monitoring noise dose over an eight hour period from activation in the case of the Noise Dose Alert, whilst the Noise Level Alert measures the current noise level.

Noise Meters Alert Lamp Colours
LED Warning Lamp

For each an optical and vibrating alert warns when thresholds have been reached. The LED warning lamp of the Noise Dose Alert changes from green to amber when you reach 80% of your limit to noise exposure and changes to red at 100% when you should put on ear defenders or remove yourself from the environment. For the Noise Level Alert the LED warning lamp changes to amber when noise levels reach 85dB and red at 85dB when again you should put on ear defenders or remove yourself from the environment.

Both new Listen Ear™ products include the Pambry Electronics patented anti-knock feature (Patent No: GB 2 551 724) and have a long battery life.

Nigel Bicknell, Director at Pambry Electronics said “These two new Personal Noise ‘Alert’ products will provide a good entry level health and safety solution for our customers looking to buy a noise alert meter for themselves or for their employees”.