Coming Soon – the Pambry Electronics Personal Environmental Monitor

Personal Environmental Monitor

Following on from the successful launch of the Listen Ear™ PED 0828 Personal Noise Dose Meter and recent Personal Noise Dose and Level Alerts Pambry Electronics are developing a complete Personal Environmental Monitor.

The PED 0922 monitor will include all the features of the PED 0828 Personal Noise Dose Meter and be further enhanced with additional monitoring for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), Particle contamination in the air and Humidty.

This new product will provide an all in one solution for complete Personal Environmental Monitoring and provide employers and employees with a meter to keep individuals within Occupational Health and Safety legal noise pollution limits and simultaneously monitor for air quality and alert if a risk to the users health occurs.

The Pambry Electronics Personal Environmental Monitor will be available to buy later in the year.

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