Pambry Electronics proudly launched their latest product, the PED 1780 Personal Environmental Monitor, at this years Health & Safety Event following successful prototyping and significant customer interest at the 2022 event.

The new multi-functional PED 1780 monitors for personal noise dose, noise level, noise exposure, particulate mass and concentration, CO2, temperature and humidity in a single wearable unit with a Klick Fast system connector that allows it to be connected to a range of attachments or used with a supplied garment clip.

At just 125mm x 80mm and 65mm thin (with garment clip attached) the PED 1780 is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. A vibrant display shows a constant summary for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & Particle Matter (PM2.5) in the air, Temperature and Humidty, Current Noise Level (dBA) and the average sound pressure level over a period of time (Leq).

PED 1780 Personal Environmental Monitor
Unobtrusive and comfortable to wear

Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile app, recorded data available for download to a PC and capability for a 160 hour battery life depending on sampling frequency makes this an all in one solution for complete Personal Environmental Monitoring.

The Pambry Electronics Personal Environmental Monitor is available to buy at £699 excl. VAT from this website.

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