At Pambry Electronics we are always looking for ways to enhance and improve our products so when the Klick Fast System designed by Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd was brought to our attention we couldn’t wait to get a Klick Fast option available for the PED 0828 Listen Ear™ – Personal Noise Dose Meter.

The Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd Klick Fast system was designed for the easy attachment of devices to clothing via a simple universal connector and dock system. By adding a Klick Fast System dock or docks from the range available from Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd to clothing and a Klick Fast System universal connector to a device or devices you can quickly attach equipment for use throughout the day.

With a Klick Fast System connector attched simply slide the device into a Klick Fast Dock. Once docked, the device will remain held in place whilst being rotated it into any of the seven positions available with Klick Fast’s in-built ratchet positioner.

Un-docking to remove or reposition the device in another dock also takes just seconds by simply rotating it into an inverted position and letting it slide free.

Here at Pambry Electronics we think the Klick Fast System connector is a great purchasing option especially for customers who have already invested in the Klick Fast System and are looking to add a personal sound exposure meter to their worn equipment. For customers requiring a new Listen Ear™ – Personal Noise Dose Meter we recommend taking a look at the range of Klick Fast System docks on the Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd website and consider the Klick Fast System connector option when purchasing your Listen Ear™ – Personal Noise Dose Meter.

Listen Ear™ Personal Noise Dose Meter and Klick Fast Belt Loop Dock

For further information please visit the Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd website

The Pambry Electronics PED 0828 Listen Ear™ – Personal Noise Dose Meter with klick Fast connector option is available to buy from today.

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